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    Jewish Genealogical Society of Denmark

    The aim of the Society is to promote the interest for and research of Jewish genealogy and family history by arranging meetings, workshops and issue newsletters facilitating the interchange of research experiences and mutual help.

    The Society is for anyone with interest in Jewish genealogy and history - experienced as well as beginners.

    As the Society's name suggests, the focus will not only be on research in Denmark - but also in other countries, and the Society aims at a close cooperation with both national and international societies, association and institutions with whom it shares mutual interests.

    A Jewish Genealogical Society of Denmark (JGS-Denmark) is affiliated with International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies (IAJGS). IAJGS was formed in 1980 and has since 1981 arranged international conferences of very high standard.

    JGS-Denmark is therefore in good company
    * with the other IAJGS member societies around the world.
    * and with JewishGen and thus with all of JewishGen's many experts, special interest groups and volunteers.

    JGS-Denmark and JewishGen's special interest group for Scandinavia have much in common and are cooperating closely. Many of the databases that are already online are freely accessible from Scandinavia SIG's website, will be of interest for the members of JGS-Denmark.

    JGS-Denmark is also a member society of Dansk Historisk Fællesråd (The Danish Historical Joint Council).

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    Further information: jgs-danmark@jgs-danmark.dk/
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